Tosh Townend

FROM:Huntington Beach, CA


SPONSORS/FLOW: Dogtown Skateboards, Super Branded, Dizm Eyewear, Independent Trucks, Jessup Griptape, DVS Shoes, Chronic Jerkie, Hot Box Vapors and Vitamin Water.

WHAT WAS YOUR FIRST SKATEBOARD AND WHEN DID YOU GET IT?: My first skateboard was from my Dad. It was a Rob Roskopp with the graphic of a monster mouth. The shape was with no nose and a huge tail. I got it when I was around 6. Then for Christmas I got my own first board with a mini nose and a huge tail. It was a classic Santa Cruz model.

FAVORITE TRICK:It took me four years to finally pull a kickflip. So I would say kickflips are my favorite cause all the time I put into learning kickflips paid off. Now I have them down and there not going away.

WHEN YOUR NOT SKATING, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?I am hanging out with my beautiful girls, Nicole and Jemmaly. Going to the beach with them and surfing. I love the ocean I just wish it were a little cleaner cause I get sick from the grim and get bad ear infections. I also like to snowboard, hang with my friends, and family.

FAVORITE SKATE SPOT:Was the Huntington Beach Skatepark. They recently demolished it for the entrance to the football stadium. So my new park is Volcoms Costa Mesa Park. My favorite cities to skate are LA, NY, Barcelona, Melbourne, and Tokyo.

THINGS YOU LIKE:Skateboards, Surfboards, Good Waves, Warm Water, Cars, Gangster Movies, Comedy, Reggae Music, and Traveling.

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